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from Code

Generate context-aware, secure IaC from application code without code changes

Infrastructure from Code with Golden Standards

We love infrastructure as code, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

appCD uses an application’s code to generate consistent, secure and compliant IaC. Remove bottlenecks, liabilities and error-prone manual processes between DevOps, developers and security to get your application to market faster.


Allow developers a better, more productive experience without becoming infrastructure experts.

Standardized by Default

Consistency, security and policy guardrails are incorporated by default when IaC is auto-generated.


Context-aware IaC is auto-generated, with no code changes required, supported and rightsized with least-privileged access controls.

Complement your Existing Software Development Lifecycle

No need to rebuild your pipelines! appCD works alongside your existing workflows to remove silos between teams.

appCD for DevOps

Enable developers to auto-generate IaC that complies with your provisioning checklist. Free up your time to learn new tools, improve pipelines and build a better relationship with development and security.

appCD for Developers

Check in your application code. appCD analyzes and generates Terraform or Helm charts to provision and deploy your apps. Don’t be slowed down. Get your features and apps shipped faster.

Context-Aware Infrastructure from Code

Don’t change the way your development team works or make them learn a new language. Use your development language and cloud infrastructure to generate Terraform or Helm charts that complies to your golden standards and policies with the context your application requires.

Analyze Python and Java code to understand required infrastructure

Including cloud dependencies (AWS resource dependencies), required APIs, service configuration, ingress/egress and environment variables.

Visualize your IaC deployment architecture

Drag and drop resources not inferred when analyzed. Enhance resource connections with guardrails and validate resources. 

Generates Terraform or Helm charts based on your application code

Applies golden standards automatically at creation. 

  • Apply least privileged access controls.
  • Include policies from AWS and Azure
  • Comply with SOC 2, HIPAA, NIST-CSF, PCI, GDPR when IaC is generated.

Achieve Your Business Goals

appCD aligns to your business goals by enabling your teams to be more profitable, secure and productive.


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