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appCD Solutions Overview: Infrastructure from Code 


Revolutionizing Cloud-Native Application Deployment

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud-native application deployment, "Infrastructure from Code" represents a pivotal advancement. This innovative approach automates infrastructure provisioning and management by analyzing application code, enabling organizations to enhance scalability, improve security, and ensure consistent compliance.

appCD generates Infrastructure from Code automatically from application code with golden standards applied. Application cloud deployments are streamlined and aligned, allowing developers a better, more productive experience without becoming infrastructure experts. Security and policy are built-in, not scanned after creation, so IaC is standardized consistently by default when it's created. Applications are provisioned with least-privileged access controls. 

The appCD Solution Overview will help you understand:

  • Transformative Potential: The benefits and implementation strategies of infrastructure from code.
  • How it Works: An in depth review of how appCD provides infrastructure from code to enhance scalability, improve security and velocity, and ensure consistent compliance. 
  • Integration Techniques: How to seamlessly integrate infrastructure from code with your existing toolsets.